Canberra City is your playground

The central Canberra area is alight with life. Take in the thriving arts and graphics sector, book a show at Canberra theatre, visit the markets or sample everything at the food festival – there will literally be too much to do it all. But that won’t stop you trying. No wonder it’s fast becoming the capital of culture.

You’ll be able to take advantage of nearby neighbourhoods, such as the world-renowned museums and gallery district in nearby Parkes, or the chic charm of NewActon. You’re also just a stone’s throw from the various festivals and exhibitions held throughout the year, including Floriade, held in nearby Commonwealth Park.

Canberra has a social calendar that extends throughout the year. The only downside is that there are only so many hours in the day.

Live a charmed food-life surrounded by a host of exceptional dining options, including fine dining options such as Mezzalira, Temporada, and Sage, as well as more laid-back options such as Jamie’s Italian and Akiba. After dinner, you’ll be temptingly close to Bunda Street, with its cosmopolitan mix of cafés and bars, including Honky Tonks, Shorty’s, Hippo Co. Wind down with a cocktail, or kick off the night in style.