Distinguished by design

To live here is to know uncompromising quality, from floor to ceiling.

From inside to out, you’ll find your apartment has been afforded only the very best, with immaculate finishes from the bathrooms to the kitchens and everywhere in between. The high wardrobes offer plenty of storage, while the carefully crafted joinery helps to maximise on every inch of space. Every bathroom is also beautifully fitted with Parisi fixtures.

to the highest degree

On the weekends, or after a long day, Highgate becomes a destination to really unwind or let your hair down. Start the day off right diving headfirst into the tenth floor swimming pool. The water shimmers blissfully under the sun, and as you surface, the smell of the brunch barbeque fills your nostrils, carried by a light breeze from the pergola. As the day goes on, guests begin popping corks, while you mingle with the other residents, soaking up the last rays of the sun as you take in the stunning views over the city.

Inclusions of only the highest quality